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Chocolatey -photo taken May 08 by Tim Schoenborn

Chocolatey -photo taken May 08 by Tim Schoenborn

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Chocolateys Story

Chocolatey is a strong 15 2 hand dun Appaloosa stallion out of the great producer Pass in Style and by the famous Appaloosa Stallion, Hot Chocolate Chip. Chocolatey, aka "Harry" showed his superior style and balance very early in life as a weanling . Harry loped across the field effortlessly at just a few months old, Wow'd every onlooker at the nations top futurities, and now as a soon to be legendary sire, he is passing along those quality genes making a whole new pleasure horse with color.

Chocolatey has excellent conformation and is very correct, which leads to balance, hence his World Championship movement. He has proven that he is among the best of the nations best futurity horses and in fact, he may one day return to the Open arena in Trail and Western Riding. He has the ability and awesome talent to be a breathtaking western rider, with his fabulous lead changes and steady way of going. As an NSBA Futurity Champion, Chocolatey won the Southern Belle Invitational in Tunica Mississippi, Reichert Celebration in Tulsa, Oklahoma , Just for Pleasure , Double Your Pleasure in Canada, Tom Powers Futurity in Michigan , ApPHA and ApHC World Championships in Fort Worth, Texas. When he arrives at the colusieum or state fairgrounds, theres always a crowd waiting to meet him.

All except one of Chocolateys NSBA wins in these classes were in the OPEN Division, where he competed against top quality Quarter Horses, Paints and Palominos. Pat Heeley, Chocolateys trainer and I, with the guidance of Vicky Holt and Troy Compton made very deliberate choices to show Chocolatey in the Open Division (not a less competitive color breed class). We did so knowing we had the individual who could pull a win off regardless of the fact that he had a blazing huge white Appaloosa blanket, which historically was unacceptable in such prestigious classes. As Chocolatey blazed through these tough classes, bearing that Appaloosa color, he became accepted and quite the personality at the shows. He gained respect and notoriarty from all those who watched him. The educated people in the crowd stated it very simply to me. "I don’t care what color he is, with talent like that and that lope he has, he deserves to win over the rest of these great horses". We even had a judge proclaim, "It doesn’t take guts to use a horse like that 1st, even if he is an Appaloosa at a non Appaloosa show. He is the best horse out there and the best horse in the pen, that’s why I used him first on my card. He is incredible and I was proud to choose him."

As great as is Harrys prowess in the show pen, as beautiful and stunning as his color is , his easy going personality is just as notable. Chocolatey greets everyone at the front of his stall and is quite happy to visit with them. He is a friendly, gentle sire who is passing along this good natured personality to his offspring. Raised by me and kid proofed by my son Kyle, Harry has quite a personality. One of his favorite pastimes would be playing "soccer" with my son in his pasture as a yearling. Harry would chase the ball that Kyle would kick up the field. Harry spent half an hour once trying to get a hold of that ball, but once he managed to grab it, he would jog up and down his pasture as proud as could be, flipping that soccer ball the whole time. Chocolatey is a good natured, gentle stallion that enjoys the company of people and we are seeing this trait in his beautiful offspring.

Chocolatey is available and stands at stud at a top notch breeding facility, BSB R11 Quarter Horses, in Sturgis Michigan. I will stand Chocolatey to a limited book of pre-approved mares and his stud fee is currently at $1,500.00. I put Chocolateys stallion fees back into his program so I able to offer exciting promotions and incentives exclusively for his get. Quality Pays, so If you are looking for a cheap cut rate stallion, you may get a cheap cut rate less than talented foal. Breed for the best and get a great result...........its you that has to raise, live with, and show the offspring of what ever stallion you choose. Choose carefully, to ensure that your resulting foal will be every bit of what you wanted. Let us assist you in your breeding experience and provide personalized professional service from the day of booking through out the foaling day and beyond.

If you are interested in Chocolatey , please contact me by email with your mares show or production record. Additional information can be obtained by visiting Chocolateys stallion managers at www.bsbr11.com. We look forward to hearing from you about your great mare! Email Us!

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Chocolateys Pedigree

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